About us

Left Wing Movement For Federation

The Bizonal Bicommunal Federation (BBF) is the most appropriate political settlement which can be achieved today and not a painful compromise. It is the historical outcome of how intercommunal relations developed, through nationalist conflicts, intolerance and external interference. Under today's given circumstances, BBF is the ideal solution, as it is the only way that allows the two communities to co-exist in one state as equals, feeling safe, whilst retaining a degree of communal autonomy. Reunification is the only thing which can create the conditions to overcome the nationalism which is engrained within each community, and thus lead to real independence. It is only through reunification, that claims such as the demand for complete demilitarization along with other important steps which are essential if there will ever be a complete disengagement of the society from the illusions created through warmongering rhetoric, can gain momentum and become dominant in public opinion.

We do not forget that in a divided Cyprus, the Left, as well as the working class, are doomed to continue being poisoned by nationalism and militarism, resulting in the two communities clinging to the bonds with the "motherlands''. As leftists, we have an obligation to fight the battle of support for a federal solution. It is only on the societal level and with popular participation in demonstrations we can strengthen any dynamic created during the ongoing negotiation process. It is only through a public battle against the nationalists, the church, and the legalistic analysis by the intellectuals from the "Rejectors" front, we can form the ground on which the spirit of peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding can be built. If 'the day we have been waiting for' starts feeling somewhat familiar, then whatever issues arise in the process to federalism, then they can be solved more easily and in a constructive spirit of cooperation. We, therefore, believe that we must be present in this process, to intervene, to state our position clearly and decisively. Nothing will be served to us ready in a plate. We are obliged to fight as part of a larger front for reunification, through rapprochement and antifascist action. The bi-communal cooperation and reunification of the country was and is a central vision and orientation of the Left. We can not let rejectionists to define the form and content of the solution and prevent peace.