Turkish Cypriots should vote

Turkish Cypriots should vote in the European Parliament elections on Sunday and all democratically minded and peace oriented Greek Cypriots should be vigilant against fascists, policemen and state bureaucrats that might try to prevent some of them from exercising their right.

Turkish Cypriots are entitled to 2 out of the 6 seats in the European Parliament allocated to Cyprus as a unified whole. The failure to reach a unification agreement has allowed the Greek Cypriots who monopolise the legal state to hold all 6 seats in the 2004 and 2009 Euro-elections. It was only after EU pressure that the Greek Cypriot leadership allowed the Turkish Cypriots residing in the north to vote for the first time in 2014 elections in order to not risk losing 2 out of the 6 seats. And the narrow minded Turkish Cypriot leadership who called for non participation and a mixture of bureaucratic prejudice and incompetence by Greek Cypriot state officials resulted in a very low turnout last time and to Greek Cypriots maintaining their hold of the 6 seats.

This time things are different. The danger of permanent partition of our country is within sight. Niyazi Kizilyerek is on AKEL’s ballot with high chances of getting elected. Sener Levent this time does not run alone but with Jasmin, a full ballot of 6 candidates. A small Turkish Cypriot communist group is also contesting this election with 2 candidates.

Friends and comrades in the Turkish Cypriot community come to vote in these elections. Don’t listen to the voices of those in your community who say that by doing so you are forfeiting the Turkish Cypriot right to 2 out of the 6 seats in the European Parliament. If we manage to reunify our country, the two seats allocated to the Turkish Cypriot community are guaranteed. If we don’t manage to overturn partition soon, we have much bigger things than that to worry about. Don’t listen to the voices of those in the Greek Cypriot community who say that by voting you are forfeiting your communal collective rights and you are subsuming yourself in the Greek Cypriot state. And don’t be intimidated by the fascists. Cypriot peace activists and the EU are watching.

We need to keep the reunification idea alive. Mass Turkish Cypriot participation in the European elections is one small, but important step in this process. We all need to work to ensure that this happens. enter image description here